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Wise Locksmith is a well-known commercial locksmith based in Brier, WA. Over the years, we have developed and enhanced our offering to become a leading commercial locksmith in the region.

You can count on a proficient Brier commercial locksmith of our standing to immaculately work on any lock or key currently sold on the market.

As an established Brier commercial locksmith, we understand that any delay in helping you get inside your commercial property or areas restricted by a malfunctioning lock can cost significantly in terms of lost businesses opportunities.

Our steadfast commitment to delivering prompt and reliable services has made us a preferred Brier commercial locksmith.

We are the go-to commercial locksmith for several inquiries, including:

  • Commercial locks near me
  • Emergency commercial locksmith
  • Commercial lock and key
  • Commercial door lock repair

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Brier Key Fobs


With the advancement of lock and key technology, Brier key fobs are becoming an increasingly common replacement for conventional keys. Especially for businesses and commercial establishments, Brier key fobs offer enormous convenience for employees and administrators who need to manage access to ensure that everyone can seamlessly get to the appropriate areas.

We can help you source and install top-grade Brier key fobs at your property. We can customize and program the modern systems to work impeccably with your distinctive requirements.

Our highly skilled technicians will recommend the ideal solutions for Brier key fobs and train the users properly to ensure optimum utilization.

We provide solutions for many kinds of key fobs, such as:

  • Wiegand key cards
  • Swipe key cards
  • RFID key fobs and cards
  • Proximity cards

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Brier Key Fob Replacement


If you need an immediate Brier key fob replacement, then you have arrived at the right place. Our technicians have received the requisite training to work on a range of lock and key types.

Also, irrespective of the kind of mechanism, we could assist you with a swift Brier key fob replacement.

You can rely on us to provide you with a top-grade Brier key fob replacement to prevent the occurrence of similar issues and provide you the much-needed peace of mind. A sturdy Brier key fob replacement will ensure that the lock provides security while allowing seamless access for suitable personnel.

A key fob replacement could be the solution in many circumstances, including a:

  • Dead key fob battery
  • Broken key fob
  • Lost key fob
  • Damaged key fob

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