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    Car Transponder Key

    Car Transponder Key, Replacement, Repair, and Programming

    Wise Locksmith’s employees are knowledgeable in current key technology and programming. With over 25 collective years in the lock trade business, our employees across our two locations in the Seattle area can ensure you’re able to open the door to all possibilities, whether that’s a door at your new business or starting the car that will get you there. Wise Locksmith is dedicated to professional automotive locksmith service and a raving customer experience.

    What is a Transponder Key for a Car

    Car transponders or transponder keys are a feature of many new cars that add an extra step of security to your vehicle. Transponder keys have unique serial numbers and special programming that enable the key to operate and start your vehicle, and your vehicle alone. While the extra security is an added bonus, these keys if lost can create a bigger issue because not just any key can be cut in order to start and unlock the vehicle. Wise Locksmith is equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to re-key transponder keys and program them to your vehicle to ensure you’re never stranded.

    Security Features of Car Transponder

    Transponder keys work by using a small microchip that communicates through low-wave radio signals with the ignition in your vehicle. Before starting the car will actually read the microchip located in the key and make sure everything matches up before starting, which means that only a key programmed with your vehicle’s specific information will be able to unlock and start your car.

    Transponder Key and Services by Wise Locksmith

    Wise Locksmith can cut and program transponder keys for nearly every makes and model, including but not limited to:

    • Ford transponder keys
    • Honda transponder keys
    • Chevy transponder keys
    • GMC transponder keys

    Whether you need transponder key replacement or need to program a transponder key, Wise Locksmith has the same technology as car dealerships to make sure you are taken care of.

    Transponder key replacement can seem like a daunting task, and one only the dealer can help you with but rest assured Wise Locksmith can program transponder keys as well as repair them if necessary. If a key is lost or beyond repair, they can also replace transponder keys and make sure they’re programmed correctly to unlock and start your vehicle. We can even make copies of existing transponder keys.

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