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    Car Smart Key

    Car Smart Key, Replacement, and Programming

    Smart keys for cars are a wonderful technological advancement bringing new ease to owning a vehicle. With this new technology, you can enter your vehicle, start it, and lock it when you leave without ever removing your key from your pocket. Wise Locksmith, a renowned automotive locksmith with over 25 years of locksmith experience can help ensure you have the proper key for your vehicle, reprogram smart keys, offer smart car key replacement, and keep you on the road.


    car smart key


    What is a Smart Key, and how does it work?

    Smart Keys were coined by Mercedes Benz in the mid-1990s, and getting into and starting your vehicle hasn’t been the same experience since. With low-frequency transmissions specific to your vehicle, the key in your pocket can not only lock and unlock your vehicle, but it can also disengage the transponder in your ignition meaning you can start your car without ever inserting your key into the ignition! Smart keys are secure because they emit a different encrypted signal every time your car door is unlocked and opened.

    How Can Wise Locksmith Help?

    Wise Locksmith has been in the industry for over 25 years collectively, and with two convenient locations, they can reprogram or replace smart car keys with ease and efficiency. They can program smart keys to your vehicle so you can get back on the road. They can also replace lost smart keys so you’re never locked out or stranded. They have the same technology as the car dealership so they’re able to assist with all kinds of keys including ones from these major car manufacturers:

    • Mercedes Benz Smart Key
    • Ford Smart Key
    • Honda Smart Key
    • Toyota Smart Key
    • Nissan Smart Key
    • BMW Smart Key

    This is not an extensive list of all types of vehicles Wise Locksmith can work with. Call one of our lock experts today and see what we can do to make sure you’re always on the move. Our knowledgeable staff is not only able to reprogram these kinds of smart keys, but they also offer a replacement in the event you lose a key and repair if your key is damaged at all.

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